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The winter solstice has begun, are your trees and shrubs ready?

The arrival of winter means an increased level of care for plants given the changes in light, temperatures and overall growth environment. Adjustments for plant care are necessary to ensure optimal growth. A bit of extra attention during winter will help promote on-going plant health and well being.

Take care to protect the plants from wind, ice, and snow. Although a fresh layer of snow on your plants look pretty and act as a blanket, it can damage a plant by its weight, so it’s important not to leave it sitting on plants but to brush it off before the stems become distorted or broken.

A good time to prune trees and shrubs is in early to mid-winter. Waiting until late winter is not a good idea as you could end up removing flower buds that have already set for the upcoming spring season.

With a little care and attention, you can successfully over-winter your trees and shrubs.

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