Classic Landscape
Residential Landscape Design and Installation Services

 How Can We Make Your Beautiful Home Even Better?

Classic Landscape specializes in residential landscaping. We think that landscaping should be more than just window dressing or to just soften the corners of your home, it should be a reflection of you. We install Retaining Walls, Paver Patios, Paver Walkways and Edgers, along with the planting of shrubs and trees which make out the overall desired results. Retaining walls can be for their esthetic value such as creating curb appeal in the front and along the sides of your home. They can also be a necessity in order to level uneven parts of the yard, which by doing so, creates additional usable  space to enjoy. Paver Patios, which can be more visually appealing than concrete and may be even more cost effective can create a dry, comfortable place to unwind and relax. Paver Walkways can provide a dry, clean way to access points in the yard that may otherwise be undesirable. Edging can be a very attractive accompaniment to the overall look and feel of the landscape plan as well.Together, we can realize the vision you have for your home.

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